DJ Raimu


  Born in 1983     From Japan
  At the beginning of his career, he focused on playing on dance music, but to let many people enjoy his music, his style has gradually got wider which includes the tastes of several genres like Hip Hop(Old school to Bland new), R&B, Soul, Funk, Disco, Jazz and House music. Besides, he has performed with famous DJs in Japan such as DJ Spinna and Barry K Sharp, DJ Krush, DJ KENSEI, Kireek, DJ Taiji and DJ Mitsu The Beats. At the same time, he started acting more widely by organize a regular event, "DJ Raimu radio show", at music bars and clothing shops. These experiences enabled him to make his original style in which he can make the proper atmosphere to match the scene.
  2014, he was determined to go overseas to be improve his DJ skills. In Toronto, he has developed the skills thanks to DJ Lee Chung of UDJ who is a famous scratch DJ and engineer. Also he had opportunities to meet other DJs like DJ Baby Yu who is Young Jezzy's tour DJ. At the same period, Toronto's famous night place which is as "The Midpoint" "Crooked Star",featured his mixes which he has uploaded every Saturday to express his feeling to the scene, and he played regularly. May 2015, He got offer for Toronto's famous events "Royal Ontario Museum Friday Night Live" which is night event in museum. The experiences in Toronto have been making his plays to attract people around the world.

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February  2018
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