Raimu's career originated in 2003, performing solely out of Osaka, Japan. From 2012 onward, he began to do work overseas in various venues around North America and Europe with a multitude of different artists.

Whereabouts- Without having chosen a specific genre to work with, Raimu was able to gain on the spot experience working in a diverse array of venues, and take on many different forms as a performer. Because of this, even when playing a commercial selection of music, he is able to appeal to even the most critical of music connoisseurs. A truly open format style of DJing has led to sets that can appeal to a broad range of listeners.

From 2017, the street culture scene in Shanghai has blossomed, and at the center of that Scene is the noted club Le Baron where Raimu currently is a resident DJ. Compared with his 2012 self, Raimu has been able to gain invaluable international experience he could not have obtained had he only played domestically, nor without the challenges, he faced while working overseas for a multitude of years.

Supporting Acts
Grandmaster Flash, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Clark Kent, and more...

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